About the Warped Spinster

My first quilt was pieced for my brother's wedding 40 years ago, before the handy gadgets we use today. The Bear's Paws turned out well enough, considering, and I was hooked. I have been quilting ever since, and I started teaching about a 15 years ago. Teaching quilting combines two of my favorite activities, and I love teaching--and learning from--quilters.

Mom taught me to sew, embroider, knit, and crochet when I was quite young. Spinning and weaving entered my fiber life a few years ago when I decided that I wanted to experience what my ancestors would have had to do in order to make a quilt, from spinning the fiber (whether it be cotton or flax) to weaving the fabric to cutting and stitching the quilt. (Truthfully, though, I have always wanted to weave. I think it started with a strap loom made from popsicle sticks for a Girl Scout project.) I use a Kromski Sonata spinning wheel (and my favorite drop spindle is a beautiful Golding) and Wolf Pup loom.

I would call myself an eclectic quilter with a short attention span. Dont' tell anyone, but I think I have gone a little overboard on the usual quilters' UFO tendency. Perhaps it's because I love to learn new things, and once I have
made something I'm ready to move on and try something new. However, when i find something I really like, I obsess about it for some time. Don't ask how many kaleidoscope quilts I have in progress. I keep finding "the perfect fabric."

Quilts and all things fiber mean comfort, and designing invites your creativity to come out and play, to make your projects your own. I'm glad you've come to visit, where we can share quilts and ideas. (And you'll notice a Recipes section because what quilting session or meeting doesn't include food?)

You'll see many quilts here, but also spinning, weaving, knitting and crocheting. Fabric is woven fiber, after all, and there's something satisfying about working with fiber from the source to the finished product, whether it be a quilt, a knitted shawl, or a woven table runner.

I'm glad you're here--make yourself at home!