We like to sew/knit/spin/weave and talk, but we also love to eat, right? Here are some favorite recipes for those "fiber folk" retreats and gatherings of all kinds.

Newest Recipes

Grandma Susie's Oatmeal Cookies

Grandma Susie's recipes usually started with "Take a pound of butter and a pound of sugar...." These cookies use melted butter, and make the most delicious, moist oatmeal cookies that are cake-like and very satisfying.

Warped Pico de Gallo

A classic pico with a twist (a warp!): dried cranberries, for sweet little surprises with the piqant.

Olive Cheese Nuggets

Salty, cheesy goodness, all in a bite-sized nugget of flavor.

Onion Oyster Snack Mix

Oyster crackers, that is. A simple mix for that salt craving.

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